Code of ethics

The Editorial Board of the Journal conduct all publishing activities in accordance with national and international regulations, with particular emphasis on expected ethical behavior. The SIZ publishing house applies ethical standards developed on the basis of the principles set out by the COPE Committee on Publication Ethics (Guidelines on good publication practice).

Links to COPE materials:

http: // ...

The editorial office informs that ghostwriting and plagiarism are manifestations of scientific misconduct and all detected cases will be disclosed, including notifications of interested entities. All manifestations of scientific misconduct, in particular violations and violations of ethics, will be documented by the Editorial Board and transferred to the appropriate entities.

Publisher's Responsibilities

The publisher plays a particularly important role in the process of scientific communication. S/he is primarily a promoter of publishing activities. The publisher's task is also to create conditions for the application of best practices in published publications. The publishing house of the Association of Management Innovators adopts the rules and procedures recommended by the Act of July 20, 2018, Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws, item 1668), the purpose of which is to support the Journal Editors, Reviewers and Authors in the ethical fulfilment of their professional duties.

The publisher's responsibilities include:

  • care for editorial independence,
  • keeping and archiving relevant publishing documentation,
  • providing Editors, Reviewers and Authors with technical, organizational and legal support.

Review procedure

All submitted articles are pre-reviewed by the Editorial Board (pre-selection procedure), and those selected during this procedure are forwarded to the Reviewers. Each article is reviewed in a double-blind review process by two reviewers designated by the Editors. The review is made in writing and ends with the reviewer's decision to reject or accept it for publication (review sheet form in the system). After receiving the review, the Authors are informed (the author has open access to the review sheet after approval by the Editor) about the details of reviewers' comments on the articles and the final decision (made by the editor-in-chief and the thematic editor of the issue).

Criteria for accepting or rejecting an article:

  • matching the main topic of the paper and the journal's profile;
  • originality of the presentation of the topic and the research method used;
  • reliable presentation of research to date; quality of own research (where applicable); validity of research / theoretical considerations;
  • the methodology and logic of the argument;
  • contribution to the development of the discipline;
  • selection of literature;
  • linguistic correctness;

The editorial office does not return manuscripts that have not been accepted for publication.